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Haphazard Racing Inc. was founded in 2020 by Alexa Zepp in order to purchase her broodmare, Quick and Golden.  She had searched for many months to find a broodmare that would breed perfectly to the stallion Bucchero, and when she finally found her she couldn't believe it- She was already in foal to Bucchero!  She bred Quick and Golden right back to him and now has two stunning Bucchero fillies, Etruscan Gold and her unnamed yearling. She has spent the last two years learning the ins and outs of horse breeding and ownership in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky.


Prior to breeding her own horses, Alexa had been a part of other horse partnerships and was lucky enough to have had all of her horses cross the line first. She is involved in many areas of the industry including being a handicapper, an active contest player, working with Trip Note Pros, producing equestrian fine art and designing T-shirts for the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup. However, she believes there is NOTHING that compares to watching your own horse race!  She knows that the horse racing industry is not always friendly to newcomers or young people, and wants to share the thrill of ownership with as many people as possible! This is why she decided to turn her small breeding stable into a first-rate horse racing syndicate. 

Alexa believes the only way to have a successful syndicate, where everyone involved is able to fully enjoy ownership, is through transparency, honesty and communication.  She wants everyone to feel 100% confident that when they choose Haphazard Racing Inc. that they will be well informed and their investment will be handled with care.  Haphazard Racing Inc. does not markup expenses and is very upfront about their management fees.  Haphazard also uses horsebills for all billing and cash calls, which allows partners to see exactly where their money is being spent. Haphazard also aims to communicate as much as possible about each horse so that partners can truly feel involved- this means photos, videos, updates about training and race choices and so much more. 


Alexa Zepp, Managing Partner

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