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2023 Foal. KY Bred.

This partnership is for ownership in the 2023 foal by Yorkton out of Quick and Golden. Quick and Golden is the broodmare owned by Haphazard Racing Inc, and has already produced 2 beautiful fillies for the syndicate. This partnership will be leasing Quick and Golden for the duration of her pregnancy and until the foal is weaned.

Breeding and raising a foal is definitely a unique experience. It is a longer commitment than buying a yearling or a race ready 2-year-old, but also provides a special value opportunity as costs are much lower when you breed and raise your own horse instead of purchasing it at a sale. It is also very exciting to be a part of a horse from the very beginning and watching it grow and mature into a racehorse.

The objective of this partnership will be to make a return on investment for the partners. This may mean keeping and racing the horse or preparing the horse for a sale before its racing career begins. These decisions will likely be determined based on how successful Quick and Golden’s 2-year-old and yearling are in their early careers.  

*Investors must be accredited


We believe this breeding is an excellent match and has the potential to create a fierce racehorse.

Because the breeding is a 20/20 Goldmine match, Crestwood Farm has offered to reduce the stud fee from $5,000 to $3,500. 


5% Share for $750

 This initial cost includes costs accrued by broodmare since breeding and 6 months of expenses. 

We use horsebills for our billing system and make cash calls quarterly.

Below are the projected expenses for each 5% share for the first 2 years of the partnership. These projections include board, shipping, vet expenses, stud fee, foaling fees, management fees, accounting, life insurance for the foal (once born), and registrations.

Q3 2022: $500

Q4 2022: $250

Q1 2023: $300

Q2 2023: $350

Q3 2023: $450

Q4 2023: $300

Q1 2024: $300

Q2 2024: $350

2 Year Total: $2,800

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